January 9, 2019

The start of a new year is often a time when small to medium business owners begin looking ahead to the end of the financial year. While some business owners prefer to take on the task of maintaining their own books and financial statements, we highly recommend outsourcing this part of your business to a specialist. We’ve created this guide to help you choose the right accountant.

Outline your needs

As a starting point, write down what it is your business needs from an accountant. The right accountant will do more than just balance your books: they’ll be able to meet all of your requirements.

Talk to friends and colleagues

Ask your friends and work colleagues for recommendations of accountants they know or have worked with. Contact accounting institutions like CAANZ or your local chamber of commerce for referrals.

Meet and interview several accountants

Meet with a few accountants so you can compare and make an informed decision about which one you think you’d work best with. Questions to ask could include:

  • How would we work together?
  • How often would we meet / talk via phone? The right accountant will speak with you on a regular basis and be happy to see you at your premises when it suits you.
  • Are you my main point of contact?
  • What experience do you have? Partnering with an accountant that has experience relevant to your business is an important part of your decision.
  • What are your fees?

Do a background check

Check that the accountant is professionally qualified, ask for references for similar businesses the accountant works with and be sure to do a background check.

Choose someone you respect

A good accountant will help your business grow, ultimately becoming your closest business adviser. That’s why it’s important to choose someone you respect and with whom you can discuss issues and problems you may be having.

Ensure they’re tech-savvy

Using online accounting software helps drive efficiency in your business and simplify time consuming processes. Choose an accountant who has experience using online accounting software.

Are you considering switching accountants or would you like to start working with an accountant? Why not book a Complimentary Client Review with me – an opportunity to sit down and discuss your goals and how you plan to achieve these, issues or challenges you may be facing, and how we can work together to address these.

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