October 15, 2018

As modern life becomes increasingly complex, it’s simply impossible to be an expert at all things. And, while technology promises to free up our time, it often becomes just another “thing” we need to master, inevitably leading to a sense of frustration and a lack of being “in control” when we just don’t have the time to figure it all out.

If you feel a little bit like this, you may benefit from having a financial expert on your side with our Financial Awareness Coaching service. As well as learning how to optimise your finances for business growth and gaining a better financial understanding of your business, Financial Awareness Coaching helps in other ways too:

  • Learn how to resolve any errors to ensure accuracy in your financial accounts and reports.
  • Enjoy better management and monitoring of your cashflow.
  • Learn how to customise reports to make decision making easier.
  • Know the fundamentals of informed decision making so you will have better understanding of the financial impacts of decisions.

In this 12-month program, consisting of bi-monthly meetings, we’ll focus on your current challenges and objectives, and keep you accountable for progress at each meeting by reviewing your reports and recording actions that need to be achieved before our next meeting.

By identifying challenges and providing coaching, we enable you to grow and reach your full potential.

Not only will your financial life benefit from Financial Awareness Coaching: the knowledge you gain can be transferred across into your personal life too.

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