July 11, 2017

Do you have a business plan? One that outlines your short- and long-term goals? If not, why not?

Setting up a business plan helps you step away from the distractions of the day-to-day minutiae and allows you to focus on your vision and the direction you wish to steer your business in.

At the mention of the term, business plan, we could almost hear a collective groan. Most people envisage having to write a lengthy tome. Do that and you’ll end up spending a lot of time on something that will most likely sit in the corner gathering dust. Use your time wisely and apply the KISS principle – the one that means Keep It Short and Simple.

Planning is often relegated to the start of the year. It’s the time of year where we are thinking about making changes and resolutions. However, it’s something you can do any time of the year. Why wait? Grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing today!

Business planning is part of working on your business as opposed to working in your business. A subtle yet important distinction. Working in your business is guaranteed to keep you busy, but it’s unlikely to take your business to the next level. You could even say it’s a form of procrastination – constantly postponing a planning session because, well, you’re just too busy. Sometimes you need to step away from the daily tasks to work on your business to understand what challenges you face in growing your business.

A good business plan will help you:

  • Identify challenges and opportunities
  • Set achievable and stretch goals
  • Review performance against targets.

The above provides clarity around actions needed. This clarity enables you to communicate your needs better. Knowing what you need to do, and why, helps you start each day focused. This focus makes inroads towards attaining your goals by preventing you from continually delaying and postponing what’s important.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb, Author

Doing this on your own can be a real struggle. When it comes to your business, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Enlisting an objective third-party can help you gain clarity by viewing your business through fresh eyes. It helps you take a step back and focus on the situation as a whole. Once you’ve established the big picture goal, you can then break it down into manageable actions. Actions that will result in the success you are seeking.

Without planning, it’s easy to be distracted from your priorities. When your priorities are clear, you’re able to focus on the most important tasks. Planning sets out the path to follow and breaks it down into tangible steps. In short, planning prevents procrastination by sharpening your focus. By creating and following a plan, procrastination will no longer stand in the way of success.

Our Business Planning service will help you review and set your business direction. With some pre-work followed by a four-hour planning session, we’ll get to the heart and soul of your business. We’ll work with you to create a one-page business plan to guide you and 90-day action plan to follow. Call us on +64 27 669 0747 if you’d like to know more, or book an appointment online. Don’t procrastinate, do it now!

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